Website Offers

  • Our prices are transparent. You should know immediately, how much it could cost with us.

    Homepage with a maximum of two subpages from 1500 €

    - Already for 1500 € we can build an impressive website containing up to 5 images.

    Each additional subpage from 200 €

    - Depending on complexity the costs may vary. That is why we cannot offer a fixed price.

    Integration of more than 5 images per additional image 20 €

    - We edit images and optimize those for your website.

    Integration of photo galleries from 500 €

    - Photo galleries may be very costly in production. We design the galleries flexible in handling and easy to maintain on later adjustments e.g. changing the amount of images.

    Integration of animated graphics starts at 50 €

    - Animated graphics may be easy make and, still look impressive. There are certainly animations, which are sophisticated to produce as well. Therefor we are unable to advertise fixed prices.

    Design and integration of a personal logo from 100 €

    - A personal logo is like a brand a personal identifier. We can integrate your logo into the browser tab. This way you can easily recognize your website amongst a number of simultaneously opened websites.

    Integration of audio e.g. music from 100 €

    - Integration of audios may vary in production time. You can use audios as background music, or play them as links. Start and end of audios can be triggered by events. Use your imagination.

    Integration of videos from 150 €

    - Videos are a bit more expensive in handling as audios and, accordingly not as cheap to implement.

    Search engine optimization

    - To get the attention of search engines e.g. like Google we provide the foundation.
    If you don't have any extraordinary wishes this will not come out of your pocket.

    Database from 200 €

    - Databases are especially of interest for companies which like to manage customer data.

    Email forms from 500 €

    - Professional forms are time consuming in design and development, because there are a lot of user mistakes, which have to be considered. The recipient should get what he asks for and the sender should know how to handle the form. This concludes that a form should not contain empty fields when submitted or, have letters mixed up in numbers e.g. in a phone number.

    Websites in German as well

    - If you prefer to have your website in German language, we can do that with no additional cost. Our team has staff, which are very familiar with the German language. This means that we do not have additional cost to do so.

    Websites bilingual in English and German on request

    - We make you a fair offer in context to the complexity.

    Large website projects

    - On large projects we can make you a fair offer with discounts in context to the complexity.

    Web based applications

    - The trend is going away from PC applications towards web based applications. The advantage is that you are not bound to the application developer, because you have the source code and you can modify it without the original developer.

    Spreadsheet and bookkeeping

    - We offer Microsoft Excel support. For details follow this link.



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